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What’s your role in earth’s interconnected food web?

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Host of Wild Kingdom

An accomplished wildlife educator and conservationist, Stephanie has worked at several world-class zoos, as well as in the field on wildlife projects in places such as Australia, New Zealand, Borneo and Papua New Guinea. Now watch her host Wild Kingdom’s short, dynamic and fun webisodes on everything from kangaroos to sharks.

Click here to learn more about Wild Kingdom and Stephanie’s global conservation partners and projects.

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Media Appearances

Steph is a regular on Fox and Friends, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR and Dish Nation. Whether you would like an interview about her life as the host of Wild Kingdom or an appearance on your morning show with a few animal ambassadors, her message can fit your timeframe and still create memories your audience that they will share with their friends all day!

Click here to book Stephanie for an appearance on your show today.

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In the past 10 years, Stephanie has visited over 30 countries and has spoken to millions of people about animals and conservation. Whether you want Stephanie to speak to your students about endangered species, creative conservation, wildlife careers or have her as the keynote speaker at your corporate annual gala, she will customize her presentation to fit your curriculum or mission.

Click here for booking information…

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