Wildlife Educator | Brand Ambassador | Board Member

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The Creative Animal Foundation

Founders: Steph Arne and Tim Davison
Focus: Wildlife conservation & environmental sustainability education
2017 Impact: 20,000 Americans have walked through the sustainable tiny-house-on-wheels during the 2017 nationwide tour.

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Camp Ohana Foundation

Wildlife Defenders Founder: Steph Arne
Focus: Camp Ohana’s environmental programs teach Kenyan children to protect the land that sustains them.
2016 Impact: Children served: 512 – Program instruction hours: 192 – Trees planted: 2500

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Women In Science and Exploration

 Women provide new perspectives to complex issues in the science and exploration. Steph is creating a resource library and a direct route of contact for all of the brilliant young minds out there that want to get in touch with the women who inspire them.

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Scubapro Brand Ambassador

We are proud to introduce the deep elite: our loyal brand ambassadors. Each has a unique story to tell, but they are united in their passion for the oceans, diving and our gear. Some have been diving in SCUBAPRO for decades, others for years, but they all have conservation, an appreciation for our products, and a commitment to the diving community in common.

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Shark Angels

Shark populations are down 90%, up to 73,000,000 sharks will be killed this year. That’s over 10,000 an hour. Tired of sitting by and witnessing a looming extinction with global ramifications, the Shark Angels are taking action. Instead of feeling helpless, the Shark Angels, every day, are taking on what seemingly very few others are willing to do: fight for these magnificent apex predators.

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Ecology Project International

Ecology Project International is a nonprofit, educational organization like no other. Our mission is to improve and inspire science education and conservation efforts worldwide through field-based student-scientist partnerships. Our vision is to create an ecologically literate society where the world’s youth are empowered to take an active role in conservation.

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