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Hello Women in Science and Exploration! 

      First of all, for those of you I haven’t met,  my name is Stephanie Arne and for 3 years I have been the online host of the show, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Before that, I worked at the Omaha Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and Honolulu Zoo. I also had many wonderful and risky opportunities to travel the world and work on some incredible conservation projects in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea (all on a shoestring budget, as most of you can relate).  After working in accredited facilities, in production, and with politicians, researchers, CEO’s, rescuers, farmers, and fisherman in the field, I have an in-depth understanding of the big picture of how conservation is impacted by politics, economies, celebrities, consumerism, and so on…I understand that it is a bigger, more complex ball-of-wax than an animal extremist and average Joe may realize. I believe we need more women involved to create a more energetically balanced society and healthier planet for all.  Women provide new perspectives, fresh ideas, more compassion and more peaceful compromises to complex issues; That’s where you come in… 😉

      All of you women are incredible… seriously! Think of where you started and where you are now; It’s VERY inspiring. As I travel the globe speaking to teens and college females about world travel and careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields, I see the percentage of enthusiasm from these ladies increase from year to year and we have each other to thank for that. Because of your inspiring stories of beating the odds, fighting racial or sexist mentalities, breaking the glass ceiling, and speaking up, more girls are dreaming of being scientists, conservationists, ecologists, and global conservation photojournalists. We need to shout our stories from the roof-tops knowing that our individual career paths will inspire a generation that will have to fight even harder for the health and wellness of all living things.

    So here’s the deal, I am creating an online, interactive resource library of bad ass women in science and exploration.  My goal is to create a direct route of contact for all of these brilliant young minds to get in touch with the women who inspire them. These interactions will encourage them to take risks, ignore the nay-sayers, and take the road-less-traveled; As you know, their success is OUR success.  It will start off in blog format with a short summary of your work, a short questionnaire, and some bits of advice. To be more discoverable, girls can search for you with tags such as, “Arctic,” “Snakes” “Africa,” “DNA,” “Photographer,” etc. There will also be a comment section for conversation at the bottom of your blog-type profile.  I require that whoever participates will include an email. Please be supportive to these young ladies but only help them when you can. If they ask too much of you, I suggest empowering them to continue their research with the resources you provided. I will make it clear to the audience to be respectful of your time and email inbox.

     Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope you also find a way to reach out to each other. We all need to listen to and support each other and work together in a time of such anger, confusion and fear. If we don’t reach out to the younger generation, then others with misinformation or a hidden agenda will. Show our youth what a true animal activist and wildlife conservationist is in 2017. I believe in you. Thank you for all that you do. It is truly remarkable! 

      xoxo, Stephanie

Women in Science Instructions and Requirements

  1. Please complete on a WORD document.  Title: “Your First Name- Your Career Title.” 
  2. Two photos in action (No headshots)
    1. You can have vet checks, poop, blood, injuries, oil spills, or a vision of the reality of nature.
    2. Sizing- png / jpeg- 300 x 500 px   – 1 should be horizontal
    3. Make sure at least one of them shows your face
  3. Your name and  1 social media handle
  4. Where you were born and where you currently live.
  5. Your degree and title at your current job or your career title.
  6. Your favorite quote.
  7. 150-200 word bio.
  8. Who or what attempted to stop you in your goals (1-3 sentences).
  9. 150-200 words of an emotional story from your work (Happy or sad).
  10. 3 sentences or 3 bulleted items of advice to young ladies pursuing this field.
  11. 1 tip about what a woman can do now to help the planet in their daily life.
  12. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
  13. 1 chosen link (Your site or your project’s site) with 1 intro sentence.
  14. How would you tag yourself? #Scientist? #Ranger? #NaturePhotographer?
  15. Email you wish to be contacted.

FYI: If you use Pages,  Click “file,” “Export,” “Word” and attach the Word version.  *Please double check before sending.

EMAIL:   Info@StephanieArne.com

Subject line: “Your Name: Women In Science”

Approval: Get approval if necessary if you are affiliated with a zoo, aquarium, nonprofit, donor, sponsor, and project leader.

Example email request to affiliation:

“Hello __________, I am requesting to share my role as a women in science and as a team member at your facility on Stephanie Arne’s website. Steph is the host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and an advocate for women in science and is excited about sharing my story as a resource for young women interested in the STEM fields. You can learn more about Stephanie and Wild Kingdom at: www.StephanieArne.com & www.WildKingdom.com.  I look forward to your approval. Thank you! 🙂 “

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