Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 4.31.09 PMIt takes an hour to get there so I spend 30 minutes teaching guests about the Great Barrier Reef and the marine life found in the areas they are visiting for the day. I show them pictures of the animals so they can identify them once they get in the water. Most people just look at the reef and say, “wow, fish!” but what they don’t see is the uniqueness and the diversity of life within a spot the size of a pizza. It is great to see the snorkeler’s faces when I show them a giant clam close or I help them find a sea turtle. After the snorkel tour, we sit in the boat and I teach them about the animals we discovered and then leave them with a conservation message and planet healthier habits to carry with them in their lives.

Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 4.38.36 PMIt is amazing how witnessing an animal whether that be in the wild or in a zoo, can make a human become inspired enough to change bad habits to not only save that beloved animal from extinction, but also the ecosystem it lives in. It is what fuels me and keeps me going across the world to teach people about how important it is that we all realize that we are apart of the circle of life and we need to respect all forms of life because we all need each other to survive. If I show over 50 people a day how to decrease use of emissions, water, electricity and oil in their lives, maybe it will create a ripple effect large enough to make an impact on the earth. It is worth a shot. Better than just sitting around twiddling my thumbs or giving up. We might not stop a natural climate change but we can stop destroying everything in our path leaving nothing but a crap earth for our children.



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