Daniell Hepting

| Areas of Expertise

Marine Mammal Training

| Born

New Orleans, Louisiana

| Currently

Boston, Massachusetts

| Favorite Quote

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

– Walt Disney

| Job Title

Marine Mammal Trainer

| Degree

BA in Psychology and Masters in Social Work

| Biography

Fourteen years ago, I made the biggest decision of my life. I decided to leave social work and to use my behavioral modification skills in the field of marine mammal training. I think I was drawn to marine mammals because I grew up on the water. Living in southern Louisiana means spending lots of time on boats all along the entire US Gulf Coast. Over the years I’ve worked with pinnipeds, cetaceans, big cats, and domestic farm animals. Lately I’ve been focusing my efforts on educating people through my blog and social media accounts about conservation and environmental issues. As much as I love working one on one with animals, I feel the need to focus on preserving their wild habitats and making the world a safer place for people and animals to live.

| Observing and Amazon River Dolphin. 

| Challenges

I’ve been very lucky in my life to always be supported by my friends and family. The person who most gets in my way is me. I have to remind myself to continue to believe in myself. Emotional story from work: The most emotional experiences for me at work have to do with interns and volunteers I’ve worked with. On a few occasions, I’ve had interns tell me during their internship or sometimes years later about the impact I had on their career. I feel like I’m just answering their questions or teaching them what I know, not realizing the impact I might have on their life or future career choices. I think most of us often forget that just by being ourselves and helping other people out that we can have a significant impact on their lives. The moral for me is to always be kind, share knowledge and be encouraging to others.

| Advice

1.  Always believe that you can achieve your goals.
2. If you work with animals, remember to be as good to your coworkers as you are to the animals you care for.
3. Be supportive of and help other people in your field. It’s not a competition.

| If You Could Be Any Animal, What Would You Be?

Hands down I would be my favorite animal – a harbor seal! The fatter I am the cuter I would be. I could spend time in the water and on land. Win win!

| Contact

Website: redheadgreenworld.com : A ginger talks about conservation and the environment.
Email: redheadgreenworld@gmail.com