Gaelin Rosenwaks

| Areas of Expertise

Marine Scientist and Filmmaker

| Born

New York

| Currently

New York

| Favorite Quote

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.”

– Les Brown

| Biography

Gaelin Rosenwaks is an explorer, marine scientist, photographer, and filmmaker. Always fascinated by the marine world, Gaelin began diving at 14 and has since continued exploring ocean ecosystems. She began her career at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she researched over-wintering patterns of Southern Ocean zooplankton. Gaelin earned her Master’s Degree in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University conducting research on the migratory movements of Giant Bluefin Tunas. She has conducted fieldwork from the Antarctic to the Arctic on icebreakers, to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on fishing vessels. Gaelin founded her company, Global Ocean Exploration, to share her passion for ocean exploration, conservation, and photography. She now participates and conducts expeditions in every ocean to alert the public not only to the challenges facing the oceans but also to what science is doing to understand these changes. Gaelin is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and a Fellow of both The Royal Geographical Society and The Explorers Club. Gaelin is an accomplished speaker and has published articles in scientific journals, newspapers, and magazines and shown her photographs in many galleries. She has appeared as a scientific consultant and angler on the National Geographic Channel Series, Fish Warrior.

| During a research expedition in the Arctic the icebreaker got stuck. Gaelin to the rescue.

| Degree

Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University-focus in Coastal Environmental Management and Fisheries

| Challenges Experienced

I’ve never seen obstacles as something to stop me from my goals, only stepping stones to make me stronger.

| Emotional Story

A few years ago, when traveling in Turkey, I was recognized in the lobby of my hotel by a local merchant. It turned out that the NatGeo series, Fish Warrior, that I was on had just aired locally. The episode was fishing for White Sturgeon in British Columbia and camping along the river. The man was so excited to meet me and kept calling me the Fish Lady. This is not why the story is one of my favorites. It is what he said to me after we said hello and chatted a bit. He said that when he was watching, he got his wife to come in from the other room to see that women should not be afraid to be in the wilderness and go on expeditions. I loved that he used this moment to get his wife to think beyond the restrictions of certain cultural norms and perhaps an inspiration to go into the wilderness.

| Conservation Tip

Stop using single-use plastics (disposable grocery bags, bottles, straws, etc…)

| Advice

1. Be the best you can be at whatever you decide to do. 2. Work hard and make yourself indispensable to your team. 3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  

| Contact

Social: Gaelin Rosenwaks @GaelinGOExplore
Email: info@globaloceanexploration.com